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Thread: timing advancer question

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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    [quote=zl1000 pilot;110466]as for the cams i have both manuels for both bikes and the valve timing isnt much different only 5 degrees in duration the main difference is in the brain or cdi the timing advance is very short on the zl compared to the zx-1000 A

    another thing to note in the carb issue is the fact that the ZX-10 b or tomcat models had large horse power differences the unristricted B1 was 137 bhp the restricted B1-3 was 125 bhp this was achived the same way as in the ZX-11 the carbs didnt open fully

    to gain the 12 bhp you changed the carb tops so that the carbs opened fully in this case in is practical to asume that changing the carbs on the zl from a "restricted" 34mm to an "unrestricted 36mm the power gain could be from 110 bhp to 125 bhp as with the example above

    If I remember correctly the difference in actuall running duration was like 15 degrees wit a tadd bit more lift and diferent opening and closing points on the valves as well. So I think you are really limiting your performance gains by not paying more attention to the cams.

    I really dont want to be the one to have to say this but if you believe that the HP gains suggested by the sellers of jet kits and pipes, ect are what you will get with each and every install you are sadly misled.

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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    Paul is correct with the 89-90 zx10's. The exception was the first 1988 , that conressman Bill Danford tried to stop entering the US with a restriction bill that was modified in 1989. If you were lucky enough to have one (as i did) you would be rewarded with a mid 10 second bike. I even remember that cycle world did a shoot-out in 1988 where the B1 clicked off a 10.46 in the quarter. This was right before I traded my 1989 for a 1988 with a friend because he liked the black color more than the beautiful red & black 1988 . I swapped him even & he thought I was nuts. +1 on the advertised HP clims. I always laugh when I see the K&N auto ads claiming 25 HP over stock.Little does the public know that all of these bolt-on mod claims are used with a heavy modified engine as a catalyst with a stock filter or chip as their 'cork'.
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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    no i never belive what the add men say but then i dont belive all the crap that the manufacturers spill out either all the gpz engines and heads are mass production

    i find that with the cobination of mods that i have done the exhausts the filter the dynojet kit and tha advancer give my zl a very much noticable power increase it takes off quicker from a standing start and has no flat spot

    i did find when i put twin K&N filters and stage three dynojet on my tomcat that the kawasaki 4,500-5,000 rpm flat spot was like hiting the kill switch it was that bad the only way to cure the problem was with the advancer now it pulls from idle to red line with no flat spot

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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    Hey Pilot,
    you said that you are using straight through turn outs on your ZL1000 - did you have them made as specials?
    Any chance of any photos?
    I have had my ZL1000 on a dyno recently and have the 4,500 / 5,000 blackspot and want to smooth things out!
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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    Quote Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
    I am currently set to four deg. advance on my zl1000 my question is would I be wise to reduce this amount of advance for drag racing purposes?

    Its a tough one to answear Bacchus, and only a dyno run with both options, will give you a clear cut answear, thereīs just to many variables, if you take a look at the picture off the zx 11 cdi advancing curve, you must understand that youre changing the curve at every rpm, by installing an advanced rotor, you probably knew that, but for the record anyways, if youre gonna install cams that move peak power up in the higher rpmīs an zx 11 d cdi might be an option, as it has a 11.5 k redline vs the stock 10.5 k , ive done it to my project, but cant really tell you much about it, as ive been real busy lately, and havenīt had much time to mess with the bike, and it really needs a dyno run to get it dialed in, so im not riding it at the moment.
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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    I will be installing a dyna 2000 will this take the place of the cdi box or will this be in addition to it?

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    Default Re: timing advancer question

    Yep it replaces the cdi, and has an adjustable rev limiter, so that will get you racing

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