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1986 zl900 for sale

mjrpaine Oct 24, 2019

  1. mjrpaine

    mjrpaine Active Member

    Started, idled, and sounded great when parked. Would choke itself and stall out when you tried to ride away. Not sure if it was in the clutch handle or kickstand switch wiring. Would need some tinkering for that. It has been sitting in my shed for about 6 and a half years now. Would need carbs to be cleaned. Bought a different bike and no longer considering fixing this one. I believe it has around 35,000 miles. Clean title in hand. Just got new air filters, battery, and a used starter for it. Did have it running for a short period of time. I do not have time to part it out. I just want it gone soon. Located in Charlton MA zip code is 01507. Best contact is by email or phone. christiansensautobody@gmail.com or 508-248-2830 (land line, no texts). Asking $1000. For another $500 I can add in a 1987 zl1000 a friend is selling. His bike still has the chrome side covers (no he isnt parting it out, just selling as is).

    Pictures are from 2 summers ago when I moved it from shed to shed.

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