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1st Oil change on my ZL600

DoggNutz Nov 13, 2009

  1. DoggNutz

    DoggNutz Active Member

    I just would like to know how much oil and what weight to use in my '86 ZL600? I'm using a K&N filter. Also about how many miles in between changes would be recomended? I'm at 1000 since my last change 1 month ago. Thank you in advance.
  2. Wyldstreak

    Wyldstreak Well-Known Member

    Oh, no . . . not an oil question!! :rotf: :rotf: They take 3 liters, but what brand/type/weight is like talking politics or religion. . Personally, I like the Rotella (weights slip my mind right now) but some like the synths, others like a different brand. One thing you always want to remember - don't use ones with friction reducers in it.
  3. joealso

    joealso Well-Known Member

    Since this bike is new to you, a couple of quick oil changes is a great idea. I think the manual probably suggests the old 3000 mile rule - i'm too lazy to go look - but since i'm pretty much a "fair weather" rider, i won't put that many miles on during a season, so i change my oil at the end of every season so the old used oil won't sit while the bike (and i) hibernate.

    It's all theory and opinion. Welcome to the board.

  4. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    FYI - there are manuals in the "downloads" section of this site.

  5. furchin

    furchin ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Every 3000 is what the owners manual calls for. The oil amount is embossed into the oil cap. 3.7 L. When changing your oil make sure that you remove 2 oil plugs and the filter when you drain the old out. If you don't remove all three you will overfill the crank case if putting the specified amount back in.
  6. ZLrider

    ZLrider Senior Member

    If it is a toy and not a dd seeing a lot of miles you might want to stick to dyno oil. If you do a search you will find in excess of a million web sites with horror stories of synth causing leaks. My research seems to indicate that the incidence of massive seal failure is in the order of 5% or less, so the chance is minimal, but it is there. On the other hand newer synthetics contain an additive that actually restores hardened seals, so some have reported the leaks to be temporary. Also some have reported smoother shifting with dyno.

    I have no first hand experience, having tried Mobil 1 when it first was on the market. It resulted in a car that had to be junked and I swore it off. Newer blends are better. They had to make them better, because at that time nobody would buy the stuff anymore and ALL major auto manufacturers would void your warranty if you used it.

    It has it's advantages and proponents, but basically the only time I might consider switching would be after an engine rebuild.

    I am not promoting either type of oil, just reporting what I've found online. If you don't believe it, do your own search and draw your own conclusions.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2009
  7. golddrakul

    golddrakul Senior Member

    I knew SOMEONE would take the bait~~~ :deadhorse
  8. ZLrider

    ZLrider Senior Member

    Just a pet peave of mine. The problem exists and is well documented. Catastrophic seal failure should at least be weighed against the benefits when making this decision. Most of us don't have the ability, desire, or funds to tear down the engine and replace the seals!
  9. tmdoth

    tmdoth Senior Member Supporting Member

    Hot-**** Bob, I've been dying to use that one for a while.
  10. tmdoth

    tmdoth Senior Member Supporting Member

    I can honestly say that I have never heard of that happening. The main reason I use Rotella 0w-40 synth is because I was told by the top regional oil expert for Shell Canada that that is what they use in all their racing bikes. She took the molecular formula of the best oil for racing engines and matched it up to, of all things, a heavy-duty diesel truck oil. Gotta say, the stuff works like a charm. Might not be the best stuff for the lower/warmer climes, but that is an oil flow issue, not a leak issue. Plus, if Dale can run a successful drag-school with bikes lubed with synth, then daily riders should be ok.
    almost forgot...:deadhorse
  11. tmdoth

    tmdoth Senior Member Supporting Member

    hehe p.s. ignore everything else that people post in this thread not related to oil changing (including myself :)) and take Furchins advice as he sums it all up pretty nicely. Also, like was mentioned before I think, might as well do an oil change soon. That way you know exactly when the last one was done, and when the next one is needed.:headbang:

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