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Any BikeBandit.com Patrons here?

zlMark Dec 30, 2007


Who do you use the most for parts?

  1. OldBikeBarn.com

  2. PartsDepotStore.com

    0 vote(s)
  3. RonAyers.com

  4. BikeBandit.com

  1. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Just wondering how many of you guys patronize BikeBandit.com?

    I'm considering advertising for them on the site in return for a small commission. Why not right? If they are offer commission for sales then why not collect on it and use it towards zl-oa?

    Please participate in the poll. If there is a competitive supplier that I overlooked please enlighten me :D
  2. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    to be honest, i have bought parts from all listed, except ron ayers. have'nt gotton around to that one yet !, but i have given bike bandit alot of business. in most cases, they have what i need ! CHRIS
  3. wuputt

    wuputt ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Technical Author Supporting Member

    I have purchased a couple things from BB in the past. Then I found out about Ron Ayers, bought a few more parts. Now Parts Depot gets all my business unless shipping makes it a bad deal then its off to Kaw.

    If Bike Bandit will give commission to the site I will definitly check them more often for a deal!
  4. lowlife

    lowlife ZL Mad Scientist Technical Author Supporting Member

    Not me but I heard that MOAB orders stuff from buttbandit.com!!!!
  5. tmdoth

    tmdoth Senior Member Supporting Member

    Hey Mark, you should ask Blag the name of that german company he got the hypoid stickers from. Looked to be a good site... if you speak german or don't mind blindly wandering the site. I figure that a lot of the smaller places are worth a look as they might not have been tapped out as much as the more popular sites like BB.
  6. ZLFancyPaint

    ZLFancyPaint I ride like a girl Supporting Member

    Bike Bandit is great !

    I had a bad experience with parts depot, and it took 2 months to get my credit.
    they billed me immediately for the whole order, and then cancelled the order
    because much of it (but not all) was not available from kawasaki,
    but didn't issue the credit for 2 months. I had to call and call and call.
    I know others here have had good experiences with them, though.

    I have placed half a dozen orders from bike bandit,
    and they don't bill you until they find out what's available and what's not.
    They also have a great email notification system, you know exactly when its shipped and they send you the tracking number.

    I would be glad to initiate the order via zl-oa, or mention zl-oa in the order somehow (however it would work) so that you can get a commission.
  7. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader


    If I end up signing up with their program I'll respond here and I'm sure you'll see it on the site too.
  8. ZLFancyPaint

    ZLFancyPaint I ride like a girl Supporting Member

    Well, I'm disgruntled to say the least.
    I just went to Bike Bandit to look up oem parts,
    and the zl900 model has disappeared from their list.
    gone, like vanished in the night , just GONE
    & they removed my zl900 from the "my machine" stored info.
    like their website won't support sales for the model anymore (oem parts.)

    I emailed them to see whats up -
    I hope they don't say you have to call in now,
    or they won't order parts for the 85-86 anymore at all.
    I ordered something as recently as 3 weeks ago, and the model was available to look up parts via schematics, see prices, and place order via the website.

    anyone else have the same result? or is something wacky with my pc/cookies/browser, etc. ?

    I'll pass on what their response is.
  9. Blagadán

    Blagadán Moderator Moderator

    The place I used is called Klasmo bikes. I had to wait a few weeks for delivery. Communications was a bit difficult but on the whole, I was very pleased. If any of you guys want stuff from Klasmo, and they dont ship to your country, if you want, you can ship it through me and I'll forward it on to you. I'm pretty sure they ship worldwide though.

  10. ZLKawBoy

    ZLKawBoy Well-Known Member


    In our experience, banner ads work very well. It can ad some nickle here and there income.

    I was wondering if the site gets benefit from the ebay listings at the bottom of the page?

    If not - all it is doing is making money for ePray - and it makes us bid against each other.

    Not long ago I saw an original owner's manual. I am thankful for the PDF one I got from ZL-OA but to have an original would be cool. I still have my KZ750LTD one.

    There was a bidding frenzy and it went for well over 40 bucks!

    If ZL-OA isn't getting any benefit from the ebay lists then it should make way for something that does.

    For a content driven community site, banner ads work well - even amazon afilliate links.

    Just wanting to help.


    I haven't had to replace anything mechanical yet - some cosmetics. I wanted to get a spare radiator and the like just in case - so I have no experiece with the mentioned sites as yet.

    What ZLfacypaint said is a good example. Ecommerce is merely mailorder on steroids. Some are better than others and it depends on what makes a customer comfortable. Usually it has to be price vs hand-holding. Somethng that merchants struggle with all the time.
  11. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Oh yea we get a kickback from Ebay for joining and buying, buying, and I think there's one for # of active buyers. So far the listings at the bottom of the page and the little ad top left are doing what I intended, which is to reimburse me for my zl-oa expenses..almost
    So please anyone joining ebay to buy, or buying from ebay please access through the Ebay advertisements on this site. THANKS!
  12. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Ok, as you now see we have a random banner with Holshot and BikeBandit.com. Bikebandit will earn us commisison and holeshot gets free advertisement for offering product for our Eliminators. Please support zl-oa by using the banners for Ebay and BikeBandit.com! Your support is what makes this all happen......Thanks!
  13. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    I just checked the site and they do have the zl listed. They must have brought them back due to popular demand.
  14. MachIV

    MachIV Senior Member

    Should`ve gone with R/A,I find their prices are much lower
    than BB.
    I also have a dealer acct which is basicly cost plus 10%.
  15. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Unfortunatly the choice is very limited with my affiliate partner. Ron Ayers isn't a choice as of yet. Could have went with J&P Cycles if you guys are buying parts for your harleys. After i get all this under control i may pursue all of the parts houses we deal with to see who is interested in dealing:D
  16. oldmate

    oldmate Active Member

    Looked at bikebandits site for a l/h side cover for my Zl1000 and would you believe it, they have only r/h!?
  17. MachIV

    MachIV Senior Member

    PM me the P/N and I`ll check R/A and see if it`s available.
  18. Hellion

    Hellion Senior Member

    I've yet to have any luck finding anything for any of my bikes that I needed from any of the polled suppliers. only way up to this point that I've gotten the stuff I have has either been through flebay or my buddy Greg @ Re cycle in Rogersville, MO.
  19. nmwildman

    nmwildman Active Member

    Bought most of my stuff from Bikebandit.

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