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Craigslist supertrapp end caps

87kawzl Mar 23, 2020

  1. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

  2. R. J.

    R. J. Supporting Member

    :hello: Thats a good price for them. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sup-402-1010 . I have Supertrapps end caps but they are different and they are stamped for competition use only on them. ___________________________________________________________________________ 71xj0pX7Q+L._AC_SL1500_.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2020
  3. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Those open end caps are LOUD and would require a more rich mixture I'm sure.
  4. Raf900

    Raf900 Member

    They are louder with open ends that is true. closed ends with all the disks gives more power and a higher pitched scream as rpm is increased. I have a 5 inch supertrapp 13 disks closed end on my 03 v-rod . tried with less disk open end etc . load as hell but less power. I
    like the mx3 x pipe on my zl9. may loose some hearing but like the high pitch sound myself.

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