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For sale: ZL 1000 Speedometer and Rev counter

Supereli Nov 10, 2019

  1. Supereli

    Supereli Member

    Some Speedometer and Rev counter for sale, from a German Member.
    Sorry for rarely beeing here, but I do hard in englisch.

    The Gauges are professional reconditioned, good as new one.
    Crimped Rings and Glasses new or good as new, cleaned and adjusted.
    Housing polished including electrics. A total of 8 parts available.
    Shipping and Tax may be expensive, the Part`s too ;)
    Original price speedometer was 523,88 US-Dollar, Rev Counter 365,89 US-Dollar .
    Here from private hobby wrench for half price, I earn nothing and have not calculated my time.
    Speedometer 265 US-Dollar (235 €)
    Rev counter 210 US-Dollar (185 €)

    There are three one miles Speedometer (one zeroed), one km/h speedometer and 4 Rev counters available (one with a display range up to 16Td / min).

    Pleas ask more Details and Pictures (from my ZL too) per mail : awiesmet(at)web.de
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