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Him or Her & Names ?

ZLFancyPaint Feb 19, 2008


Is your motorcycle a him or a her? Does it have a name ? For those of you with more than one, do th

  1. It's a her

  2. It's a him

  3. It's an it

  4. It has a name

  5. Just the favorite has a name

  6. No Name(s)

  1. ZLFancyPaint

    ZLFancyPaint I ride like a girl Supporting Member

    Once in awhile in a post, members have referred to their bike as 'her' -
    and a couple of members have the bike name in their tagline -
    so here's the topic:
    does your bike have a name ?
    is it a him or a her ?
    do all your motorcycles/cars/trucks have names, or just the special ones ?

    Let's hear the names & the stories to get us through
    these short winter days.
  2. wuputt

    wuputt ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Technical Author Supporting Member

    I name my kids and my pets, not my bikes!
    I have always referred to all my vehicles as "her" or "she". That is a habit I picked up from my Father!

    I swear at my kids, pets, cars, trucks and yes at the bike. (but I always apologize to the bike) :stir: :D
  3. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    my zl900 is named " ELEANOR" yes she's a girl ! let me explain why i came up with this name etc. in the marine corp we were told during bootcamp to give our rifles a womans name, & we were to treat our rifles with the same respect as we give our real life girlfriends, so that kinda stuck with me.

    now the story about the name i chose the name "ELEANOR !"

    i had a zl900 back in 1999. after about 6 months of ownership i fell on hard financial times & was forced to sell it. this bike had only 3000 miles on it, & i had bought it from original owner.

    my heart was broken ! i really missed this bike.
    it took several years for me to find another that i could afford. 7 yrs. to be exact ! i swore to myself that if i found another, i will never sell her, & one day, while watching the movie "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" ( starring nicholis cage) i really paid attention to the story, & in the movie someone mentioned about the mustang in the movie was a fable creature( a dream) for nicholis cage's character, & he called her "ELEANOR" that's how it all came into place for me ! everything is now where it should be .

    now you all know the story. :D CHRIS
  4. lowlife

    lowlife ZL Mad Scientist Technical Author Supporting Member

    I don't know they have always been her's and I talk to them, I don't curse at them I sweet talk them. I used to talk to crees Kart b4 races telling her to keep my baby safe out there. I know its nuts but it makes me feel better and it seems t work. Although most of my vehicles have had PMS at one time or another.
  5. ZLFancyPaint

    ZLFancyPaint I ride like a girl Supporting Member

    my fault on the options - they didn't turn out exactly as planned.
    I realize that 2 could apply, but you can only pick 1.
    I called my first zl Jet Black -
    cause he was the fastest thing I owned & simply black.
    regretfully, I sold him & this 2nd one doesn't have a name yet.
    maybe after I get all the work done it needs & get it painted back to black
    & I can actually spend some time riding it, & feel like its mine,
    and call him Jet Too.
    my other ride is a bmw 650, we did an honest-to-goodness
    road trip last summer & I think its earned a name -
    but no inspiration has come to me.
  6. ZLKawBoy

    ZLKawBoy Well-Known Member

    Black Sunshine ...

    From the White Zombie song - "Exploding like a slug from a 45 ..."

    But mainly because when I return back to the barn I have a sunny disposition and am quite 'randy' ...
  7. acp

    acp Senior Member

    Mine is a her, but doesn't have a name yet, I'm waiting until I've painted her to choose a name.

    Although at the moment then top of the list are "Come on" and "Not now". At least, that's what I've been calling it a lot lately when it won't start or run properly in the cold, "Oh come ON!! Not now, please!, etc"
  8. Wold

    Wold Well-Known Member

    i call him "Iluminator" (ilyuminator)
    it seems like illyuminator (porthole, sidelight; window) but not at all !
    he is the one =)
  9. Kawasaki-krazy

    Kawasaki-krazy Senior Member

    "It" has allways been "the Beast"

  10. acp

    acp Senior Member

    I thought that was your other nickname KK?
  11. greg

    greg Well-Known Member

    no name yet but its most deff female
    good looking but temperamental and prone to throwing a strop at odd times.
  12. zlMark

    zlMark Cult Leader

    Name it Marcia,, after my ex :rotf:
  13. click-it

    click-it Active Member

    All my bikes are a female. Why?? cause they like to act up every now and then LOL.
  14. K-Ray

    K-Ray Senior Member

    everything I ride are drive is female . just wouldn't seem right wrapping my lags around anything else.
    and my ZL is my baby the Z is my B*tch ride her hard and she loves it. as for the Harley she is lady a lot of work to keep up and looking good
  15. SandstoneSmitty

    SandstoneSmitty Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Machines are female. My ZL-900 was reciently named 'Lil Girl' by a female friend of mine. Her husband rides a 'Fat Boy' named 'Bad Girl'. She started calling the ZL 'Lil Girl'. It stuck.
  16. CHRIS

    CHRIS ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    my zx-7 needs a name ! any idea's ??? something good guys ! no smartass names ! CHRIS
  17. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    Fat Boy named Bad Girl?

    Bad Boy named Fat Girl?

    Fat Girl named Bad Boy?

    I'm so confused . . .
  18. tdbabaas

    tdbabaas Active Member

    i refer to her as miss misery, my mistress in the garage
  19. beeZLbub

    beeZLbub "Strip Warrior"

    The Devil

    BeeZLbub - my bike is the Devil.
    And, as such, she takes on whatever form suits him.

    She can be an evil temptress, especially when faced with an open road and a hair-trigger throttle. He can be a hellacious beast once the aforementioned hair-trigger is pulled.

  20. SnakeDoctor

    SnakeDoctor Senior Member

    Re: The Devil

    So BB, is your bike a hormaphrodite or a Katoye (ladyboy)? Seems to have that HE/SHE thing going there. 555

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