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Hygroscopic Effect of New fuels standing too long in a Petrol tank:

Trojan441 Aug 16, 2018

  1. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    As posted 4 sale on bay Kawasaki GT petrol tank left with stale fuel in it! They couldn't have thought of anything better to rot through metal components if left undisturbed! The hygroscopic effect of puling water in the fuel is devastating 2 components made of metal and some non-resistant gasket compounds.

  2. ZLrider

    ZLrider Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Not sure this is something new though. A while back I brought home an old Camaro that had sat since the early 80s. It also had "gas" in the tank. Even though this car had never seen modern fuel, the gas turned into something that smelled like wood varnish and it rotted out the bottom of the tank. Not saying the newer gas doesn't cause problems or absorb moisture, but think that anything made of steel will likely do this eventually no matter what fuel if any is in it. Metal tends to draw condensation as the weather changes, so other than storage in a temp controlled dry environment, such deterioration is maybe unavoidable?
  3. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    I not sure, but your fuel probably varies from ours and maybe has done for a while from what we get in the UK! I remember in the late 80s I was teaching at a Summer school in Kent and an Italian girl, Elena del Monti, had ridden to the UK on her 3 1/2 Moto Morini "V" twin about 1,050 miles and one of the things she told me was how crap the petrol was here in the UK compared to Italy; which at the time I was quite surprised about being more naive in my youth!
  4. DirtyRider

    DirtyRider Member


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