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Nice fall ride 43° out 63° back

87kawzl Oct 5, 2019

  1. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    150 mile round trip to an Applefest north of Pittsburgh. They have a big car cruise that lines both sides of main Street but it's scheduled for tomorrow and it's looking like rain. I think my wife has found her limit for low temperature rides, LOL. I need some new gloves! This was our first cool snap, weather has been more like Louisiana here this fall. The colors on the trees should be popping in a couple of days.
    MVIMG_20191005_150145.jpg MVIMG_20191005_150116.jpg MVIMG_20191005_150113.jpg

    State route 8 straight north through the town of Butler and a few other 35mph zones, some farmland and nice hills. Franklin pa is an old town where they kept the main Street architecture and some beautiful mansions. There was some big money back in the day from oil, it's right near Oil City. Tons of food and craft tents population of the town probably grew by 10X today. Averaged 38.8 mpg @ mostly 55mph on $4/gal ethanol free fuel.
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  2. JohnH#II

    JohnH#II Active Member

    Sounds like a great ride. Weather and all the event stuff. Here in NC it has been dry and HOT. 98-100+ up until Saturday it dropped to 78. Sadly I was inside at work and didn't see or enjoy any of it. Projected back up to high 80's and 90's for the next week.
  3. R. J.

    R. J. Supporting Member

    :hello: I know that area well. I spent time for work in Grove City for G. E. back in the 80s. Also every year in October (1978-1982) about 6 of us would ride our Duel Sport Bikes from Barnsboro PA up to Potter County over to Elk Co then to Marienville PA in Forest Co. and ride the Trails. We would spend 3 to 5 days camping along the way and hitting dirt roads and trails. Back then people didn't mind you riding and camping on their property.
  4. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Well-Known Member

    Nice to have outings! Our trees "turned" six weeks ago. We have just had two and a half weeks of crappy weather! We do get some beautiful days in September with warm Sun in the afternoon! They are forecasting a severe Winter for us! Last year, in the first days of March, Ramsgate, (Kent), Harbour recorded -16 Centigrade, for around four days!

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