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Off to My Uncle's Funeral:

Trojan441 Aug 22, 2018

  1. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    Off to a my Uncle's funeral today it's on Friday, so I will spend a couple of days with my parents! The service is in the North East of England. It will be a 1000 mile round trip and I have to take stuff so going by Mazda! He was Christened and known as "Harry", a "nickname" for Henry, but to me his was more like a Harold and that Danish name, suited him more.

    When we were young he was fun to be around, @ 23 stone and a few inches over six foot, he was something to behold. He worked in the mines on the coal face, then in the slaughterhouse and then as a butcher, blonde and blue eyed, he was the nearest thing to a modern day Viking you would ever see! He never weight trained, but in the mines he was famous for lifting a barrel of oil over his head and won a strongest man contest in County Durham many years ago!

    I naively thought he was indestructible, but yet again, we forget nothing has the strength of Death, when your times comes and it did, disease, took him apart. That is why ever day should be lived to the full, but it hard task and often we forget to do so!

    Life is for living and don't any of you forget it! It's just sometimes others conspire to not let us do what we have to do, Governments, people who are know-alls, general s**t-heads in so called authority, Law makers, e.t.c.

    It is a dilemma of sorts I know to try and do this, but you must always try to be true to yourselves, sometimes the hardest task of all! Your path is for you only and you must find the trail, pick it up and walk it and see where it takes you and be prepared for what lies at the end.
  2. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Senior Member

    Sorry for your loss, motor gently.
  3. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Safe travels and sorry for your loss.
  4. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    Thanks, just got back home, some hours ago, after a 4:45am start to miss the traffic!
  5. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    I guess he didn't expect to die, if a Guy he knew hadn't arranged something, it would have been worse. They decided on a "Humanist" funeral, (becoming increasingly popular here as no-one seems to believe in much anymore). 45 minutes and then the next one rolls in to the Crematorium! One song played and out into the morning air. His Wife, my Aunt is ill and was shot-away and didn't look like She knew what was going on! Sometimes, it is the prescription drugs the doctors give people. A unsatisfactory, sad end to a Life and it had prompted me to plan ahead and I will make plans for my departure more concrete & substantial, than they are today, after this experience.

    I saw something dangerous happen on the motorway, involving a contingent of about 40- 50 blokes, in a "Patched gang from Germany, I think they had an "Ace of Spades" on their backs incorporated into a design. One must have been having some engine trouble and their was a "Scout" at the front and a "Rear guard" fellow at the back, well he, the "Tail-ender" just stopped in the Motorway lane, on the near side to let his "flock" get safely onto the Hard shoulder/ Safety verge, he almost made himself a target, I do not know what God he prayed to if any but his action was to me selfish and foolish and downright Bl**dy stupid, 42 ton HGV is going to make a big mess of you and your metal steed if it hits it! All the cars , vans, lorries,, any traffic, had to just take immediate avoiding action causing some chaos in the lanes to the right in what at that time was light rain!

    Some gangs over here have started to stop in the middle of the road at crossings and round-abouts to let their buddies through a move I think that was initiated by the "Angels" and that pisses me off too, although probably most people would want them on their way and out of it anyway. I just see pick up arrogance around these Bike gangs! When I was 19, one a bike gang member picked a fight with me and when he the instigator, was coming worse off, some others members joined in to make the end result their way and I have never had any respect for them since then!

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