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Sad Morning

ZLrider Aug 19, 2018

  1. ZLrider

    ZLrider Senior Member

    Beautiful day on tap. Sunny and in the 70s. Perfect riding weather. So why am I bummed? Because even though I need to go get a small auto part that would fit in my pocket, a perfect opportunity to take the ZL, I'm going to the parts store in my pickup.

    As much as hate to admit it, I don't think my body is up to riding any longer. A hard life with a few injuries and many years of lunking building materials around has left me in less than top shape. An old rotator cup injury is bothering me today. Hanging drywall last week just about killed me. I'm still sore.

    Besides the shoulder, my knees both give me trouble, a bum foot hurts almost all the time, both forearms have had torn ligaments and I have to be careful how I lift stuff now. The thought of having to push the bike if it breaks down somewhere frankly scares me.

    I no longer enjoy having the Eliminator in the garage. It just sorta makes me sad. I'm always wondering if I can ride without pain and if so, will I re-injure something if I do? I also get a weird painful cramp in my one hip that only occurs when on the bike.

    So anyhow I had a good run, but think my riding days are done. Would somebody please come get this bike out of my garage? Offer me a fair price and it's yours. It is just bumming me out having it around now.
  2. prfixer

    prfixer Senior Member Supporting Member

    So sorry to hear of your aches and pains cutting into your riding. Maybe less drywall and more riding? I have a daughter tha would love a bike, but you’re too far away! Hopefully someone here will be able t9 take you up on your offer. Good luck with everything!
  3. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    Keep the bike, if only for that one day a year you can ride...it's not going to make your fortune by selling it.
  4. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Well-Known Member

    Mate, hold on in there, it could be just a bad day! For my physical I take cod liver oil every day! Once you start it will take 3 months to work into your system and bones but you will feel better for it! Biking keeps you young in body and soul, hang in there don't be rash! If the bike pains you cover it oven with a bed sheet till you feel more robust!
  5. kvalheim

    kvalheim Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain and have about the same health problems. Hope you make the right decision and good luck with your sale if that's what you decide.:hello:
  6. basket case

    basket case Well-Known Member

    I have had the same experience as you. Not being able to ride much due to health related things. Cancer knocked me down and blackened my eye but round two turned my way...the aches and pains...well I know what you feel. Looking at the bike and seeing it say RIDE ? Just sitting there...not that it was much, mind you... But fire it up...hear THAT SOUND! Fly about town for a few miles put it away amd limp to the easychair. It aint easy. Then to let the ol' girl go to a new owner...shoosh...THAT was a tough one on! The bike lives on getting needed care and attention by a member here and I have my remember when(s). Take care and good luck and "Keep your stick on the ice... We're all in this together"......Thanks Dave
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  7. DirtyRider

    DirtyRider Member

    I'd love to take this one, where are you?
  8. WillyD

    WillyD Senior Member

    He's in northwest Indiana. About an hour from Chicago.
  9. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    All that hassle to get it running in top shape and then get rid of the bike? Oh well, to each his own.....
  10. Ducky Dog

    Ducky Dog Active Member

    as trojan4 11 said,,,,,, COD LIVER OIL! no subsitutes
    take 2 gell caps with milk and cereal
    the oil will coagulate with the milk fat and your body will absorb it much faster
    results in less than two weeks
    you got nothing to loose except your bike
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  11. paulfun

    paulfun "King Of The 1/4mi (Internally Stock)"

    Cod liver oil
    Apple cider vinegar—- the real stuff

    Between these two home remedies you will have more riding days. Now understand it’s not going to be a miracle cure but you might find yourself doing better with them than anything the Doctors can prescribe and the side effects are unlike what we see with the drugs from the doctors because with home remedies if you can get past the taste the side effects are all good for the rest of your body!
  12. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Well-Known Member

    A good tutorial on Youtube I think this American woman is really onto something re-digestion allergies and people feeling crap!

  13. MikeC

    MikeC Senior Member

    Im basically in the same boat, I don't like to admit it, but I agree, for those 2 days a year I get to enjoy it I keep it. I do enjoy working on them from my many chairs, with the help from everyone on the site and with the patience I never had when I was younger.... hope you feel better.
  14. paulfun

    paulfun "King Of The 1/4mi (Internally Stock)"

    Yes even with fewer ride days it’s still a joy worth having for me.

    Just returned from one of those rides that you take just because your feeling good and it’s nice out!
    Actually feel even better because I ran in to one of those old acquaintances for the first time in years.
    Last I saw him he had just stopped flat tracking and was preparing to join the Marines and I was fresh out.

    Got lots of fond memories of those days, we ruled the streets, had our choice of the women and could party with the best of them!
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