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Turn signal replacement

Bump Aug 11, 2013

  1. Bump

    Bump Member

    I bought 4 aftermarket turn signals for my 85 Zl900. They all came with two wires. The front ones on my bike have 3?
    How am I to handle this issue? Right now it appears my approach hasn't worked and I'm afraid I've fried the Turn Relay. Can aftermarket relays work on my bike or am I stuck trying to find a OEM replacement? Bump
  2. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    The 3rd wire is running lights. The bulb stays on all the time. You can just tape the end of the running light wire and leave it disconnected, no problem.

    The brown (or blk/yel?) wire is ground. Whichever wire is hot with the key on, signals off, is the running light.

    There are aftermarket signals with running lights. There are some that look like the originals (K&S brand I think) and some that are much better looking. I don't care for the giant lollipop look myself. Lockhart makes some nice ones.

    Good luck.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2013
  3. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    As for aftermarket turn relay - yes, I got one from auto-zone. Don't have the number handy, but I believe pretty much any 3-prong one should work.

    If you have LED signals, you'll need an electronic turn relay.
  4. Jarney

    Jarney Strip Warrior Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Bikemaster also makes some that are really close to the oem's look. Search the site - there are part numbers on here somewhere I think. Later.
  5. Blue-Grass-Tornado

    Blue-Grass-Tornado _________________________ BANNED

    You should have been able to get a 3 wire aftermarket turn signal from K&S. Be warned though, they do not fit as well as the originals, Markus can spot a reproduction from a mile away. In fact, he found one on my red ZL9 and I hadn't even noticed!
  6. markus56

    markus56 ZL-OA Co-owner Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator Supporting Member

    Word to the wise.........if you value the look and fit of the OEM signals, better snatch them up as quick as you see them. The rears for both big bikes have been gone for quite some time and the fronts are on back order as we speak so I'd grab them as you see them......regardless whether you need them or not! I do every chance I get! :thumbsup:
  7. Illby1

    Illby1 Senior Member Supporting Member

    I agree with Markus....
    I have made 2 trips to VMD and have broken a signal each year!! First year the front right one, and this year the rear left one. The stem dries out and gets brittle, eventually they dry rot and break. I have not spent much time looking yet, but I will need to find something soon, the tape job doesn't look the best!!! :laughing7:

    Scotty B
  8. Bump

    Bump Member

    I tried it with every possible combination and it didn't work? I hooked up my old lights to see if the relay was grabbing my butt, the old light worked as designed along with the hazard switch so at least I now know the relay isn't fried.
  9. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    Do the new signals have "regular" bulbs, or are they LED's?

    If you have LED's the stock flasher relay will not work.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2013
  10. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    right front - blk/yel is negative, gry is positive, blue is running light and would not be used on a 2-wire signal

    left front - blk/yel is negative, grn is positive, blue is running light and would not be used on a 2-wire signal

    work on one side at a time, leave the other side disconnected. When you get one side working, hook up the other side the same way.
  11. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    Are there issues with the length of the threads between front & rear making the ones from moma Kaw a pita to cover the obesolete signals?
  12. Bump

    Bump Member

    This is what I got.
    In the bike wiring harness I have 3 wires, blk/yellow or ground, blue and grey on both the right and left turn signals.
    On the replacement light I have 2 wires. Orange affixed to the metal light bulb canister, a green wire that is affixed to connector that meets with the bottom of the actual bulb.
  13. golddrakul

    golddrakul Senior Member

    Orange should got to blk/yel for ground, green wire contacting bottom of the bulb should go to gray wire on one side, green wire on other. I know you said two gray, one is probably faded green or has been replaced. If your not sure which is which, hook up the orange and then either of the grays to a green on the light.Try your turn signal both ways, note if it turns on with L or R. Mark with a piece of tape, wire it permanently to to the correct side, and hook the other gray/green wire to the other side.
  14. psychocyclist

    psychocyclist Member

    Another question for any ZL1000 connoisseurs out there: where is the flasher relay located on the ZL1000? Also, thanks for all the help with the carburetors. I got new boots for between the carburetors and the air box and everything went in nice and tight! The important thing being that everything finally WENT IN!! The old rubber boots were REALLY HARD compared to the new ones! It was IMPOSSIBLE to reinstall the OLD boots! Your recommendation of NEW rubber boots was perfect! Thanks again and again!
  15. kawboy

    kawboy Supporting Member Technical Author

    The flash relay is under the right side-cover.
  16. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham Member

    I'm sorry for the necromancy but I thought I might interject a little wisdom here. A while back I needed a flasher relay so I grabbed one off of my other bike. Also a Kawasaki, and even closer, it was also a Kawasaki that follows the same formula as the Eliminator. You know, take a Ninja motor and put it in a cruiser frame. My other bike is a Vulcan 500. The flasher relay from the 500 caused the wiring harness to melt as soon as the key was turned on. So no, indeed all 3 prong relays are not the same.

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