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Valve clearance adjustment: Done!

BearHunter Apr 2, 2018

  1. BearHunter

    BearHunter Member

    I really deserve a pat on the back!

    This bike is 69000 km, (43125 mile). Most valves clearances were too tight or none existent. I put'em back to mid-range tolerance. After that, the bike (it was cold from the previous night and around 5 celcius outside) seemed to start a lot easier and ran smoother. Performance also seemed to rise a little. (may be somekind of placebo effect ;) )

    I don't know the complete history of my bike but the previous owner told me that his mechanic did a complete tune up on it when I got it last year. I don't know what is his definition of a complete tune up but I had to change the fork oïl, flush and rince the coolant (lot of flakes in there) and adjust the valves. Next step will be carb synch and all the lubrification recommended in the manual.

    Safe ride to all of you!
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  2. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    These ol bikes respond well to a bit of attention.

    What weight oil you run in the forks?

    Not a pat on the back but Howzabout an attaboy.
  3. BearHunter

    BearHunter Member

    Forks feeled a little weak and I guess all the interior seals are a bit worn from running all these years. I'm also 200+ pounds.

    So I put 20W in the forks.
  4. R. J.

    R. J. Senior Member

    :hello: Forks on the ZL 9 are mushie from day one. I up graded to Progressives in my ZL 10. They helped a great deal. I use 30 weight Belray but I'm in FL so 30 is fine. Also a fork brace helps with the handling. Even stock ZL 10 springs help the 9.
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  5. Trojan441

    Trojan441 Active Member

    Yep! Valve clearances is a fiddly, time consuming job, but well worth the effort. I was at a Bike night out last night and the little 400 attracted attention via how smooth the engine was running and how responsive it was, no "fluffing" meaning, no delay in uptake and burbling happily at idle at 1,000 rpm.

    Dodgy People come out with complete bullshit when they are selling machines... a Lie detector test in many instances would prove this point and Evilbay has some prime examples of this "Art"! Speel....."It's my dead Auntie's Bike,e only ever used it for shopping trips and Sunday picnics, its low mileage, (speedo broken though), plus well cared for and always garaged in a heated shed, however, the photos (2), of, if lucky reveal a rusted heap of crap, that looks like it has been in a farm yard for 30 years! Theft of bikes and liars and cheats seemed to have proliferated since EBay was birthed!
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