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ZL1100 from a gpz1100

GaryD Jul 21, 2019

  1. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    So...finally got round to stripping the engines...sorry no pictures at the moment.:wtf:

    At the moment there is a GTR/ZG engine in the bike. I'm goine to use the head from this.
    I have a GPZ1100 bottom end and barrels which will form the basis of the engine.
    I also have a ZL750 from which I'll steal all the parts I need to make it a ZL...sump etc.

    So far so good except I had to trash the a sump filter bolt as some monkey had overtightened it. :thumbsdown:One chizel and lump hammer sorted that issue.:whistling:

    Still need to learn by heart what I need to make all the bits work together...and don't hold your breath as I only get the odd day each month to play motorcycles.:popcorn:

    P.S. I'll have a lot of engine bits left over so in any of the Brit guys need anything:thumbsup:
  2. Speed Engels

    Speed Engels Member

    I've got a Zl900 with a GPZ1100 lump in it. You might find you need to delete the anti smog in order to fit the coils in their original place. and getting the middle two spark plugs/plug caps in place takes a bit more effort than with the 900 lump. I did consider going for stick coils but I'm not sure they'd fit.
  3. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    Stick coils will fit but you have to force them pasr the frame.
    Fortunately Euro bikes didbt have the smog stuff at that time.

    No further progress as I've been on Hols for the last couple of weeks in Tunisia...43 Degrees...Didn't know the temp at the time & wondered why the locals were sweating. Thought I'd become a lightweight and couldn't handle a hot country. Food got me though....it always does when I go to Africa!!
  4. GaryD

    GaryD Supporting Member

    Plan was to use the head from the orginal Zl1000 ( Bike has a connie motor in it at the moment ). Use the gears etc from the ZL900...

    Head and barrels from the 1000 had water in them...heads OK but cams had rust looks like the rest looks like scrap. Had a look at the 900 head and it's missing a post for the cam chain shield. P1090720.JPG P1090719.JPG

    Should be able to get enough parts together to make the ZL1100.
    Does anyone know if there is a difference in lift between ZL900/ZL1000 and GPZ1100 cams? (GPZ is the euro tourer)

  5. 87kawzl

    87kawzl Supporting Member

    Maybe some trans & clutch parts are salvageable.

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